Atelier Oblique

P – Wrapped Up In Pleasures
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A scent of the glamour of fine living.
Life alone is never enough. It holds freedom, blossoming, death and radiance. So let us become lost. Lost in the resolute urgency of now. Full of desire, plunge into the deep together. Cocooned in pleasures. Dressed up in all the treasures of our lives. Carried by fate, we breath in the brilliance, exhale magic. Dancing on a silver platter. Raising glasses, sharing nights. Seduced, wrapped up in passion. Tasting the wealth. The toasts increase our tempo. Here’s to you! From time to time. More and more and more.
From lemon to pepper
from amber to honey
from vetiver to vanilla
Burningtime 40 hours
195 grams
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Art-No. 328-016
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