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Eye Powder Kajal
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Intense Oriental Khol Eyeliner - Extra-Stay - Smoky & Graphic definition
This latest breakthrough by Terry de Gunzburg takes hypnotic glances to reckless new levels. Not for the faint of heart!
EYE POWDER-KAJAL takes the radically hi-tech form of a wearable and weightless mineral powder. The pliant kohl goes on like a charm thanks to the foolproof felt-tip applicator.
Don’t underestimate the power of the sleek little vial. Terry has bottled an age-old beauty secret of the east for the benefit of her contemporaries. This is kohl made easy in a funky format that harnesses the latest technological breakthroughs in cosmetics.
It’s the stuff sci-fi dreams are made of: a simple yet striking non-greasy kohl that can line the lashes in a ribbon of velvet or hug the inner corner of the eye before flicking out over the lower lid. No less impressive when used as an eyeshadow, it blends and shades beautifully to frame the eye in the purest, purpose-designed, most powerfully intense smoky black micronized pigments. Unleash your inner desert princess.
The tapered micro-foam tip feels as soft and light as a feather as it brushes across the eye from every angle. The easy-grip applicator delivers a flawless slick of black in a flash. Transformed into ottomless wells of magnetic sensuality, eyes will captivate all night long.
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