Lactobionic Serum
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Bakel Lactobionic Anti Age Serum is a luxurious facial serum which protects, firms and nourishes the skin.
Innovative serum exclusively containing 3 active agents of proven effects: lactobionic acid, a highly effective substance able to improve cutaneous turgor thanks to its powerful anti-oxidant action; gluconolactone, which protects the skin epidermis against blemishes due to the sun exposure, and improves skin tonicity; vegetable glycerine with its humectant action.
Use the product daily on the face, neck, décolleté and eye area in the morning and evening by gently massaging until completely absorbed. Ideal for mature skins.

Advice: If you love to get a tan, but want to avoid wrinkles and loss of skin tone, apply LACTOBIONIC every day, under your sun protection.
• All the ingredients used are absorbed by the skin and take action rapidly.
• Quality and pureness of ingredients: to be able to produce cosmetics with these characteristics, the quality and pureness of the ingredients must be the best.
• Minimal allergy risks: our products do not contain substances that rank among the most allergenic, such as perfumes, alcohol, artificial colours, preservatives and the like.
• BAKEL products are used also after dermatological treatments and plastic surgery.
• Bakel products fight against the effects of main factors that cause skin-ageing, and objective confirmed and proved by numerous scientific studies, thus guaranteeing maximum and genuinely safe use.
• A single product for face, eye contours, neck and low neckline: given their features, BAKEL products can be used in different areas of the face including the delicate zone around eye contours.
• The presence of only active ingredients permits us to apply a lower quantity of respect with respect to the average, with a greater yield in terms of benefits and advantages.
• All our products have been dermatologically tested.
• BAKEL does not use any type of animal derivative in its formulas and is against testing on animals.
• Glycerin (Vegetal): Nourishing
• Lactobionic Acid: Anti-oxidant
•Gluconolactone: Firming
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