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Not Your Average Tanning Mitt
Tanning Mitt
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Luxurious, velvet touch enhances your tanning experience.
Barely’s Luxury Tanning Mitt has been specifically designed to minimise the amount of self-tanning product that is absorbed and wasted. In fact, independent tests have shown that a reduction of 49% can be achieved when compared with other tanning mitts. Barely have created a luxurious, double sided, suede like, tanning mitt that makes for a nicer tanning experience and allowing users to double the amount of applications they previous got out of your favourite tans. Not Your Average tanning mitt was design to be doubled sided so you can easily moisture with one side and tan with the other. If you over tan an area you can go back in with your moisturized side and blend out to a seamless finish.
Apply tan to the center of the mitt then bend it in half and squeeze so you get an even coverage on the mitt. Apply to your body in circular motions.
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