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La Promeneuse
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La Promeneuse is a new decorative object designed to diffuse the most emblematic fragrances of Cire Trudon.
It perfumes interiors with a wax cameo. Heated from beneath, the cameo melts and spreads its fragrance quickly into the air. La Promeneuse allows the object to easily change fragrances.

La Promeneuse was imagined by Cire Trudon and designed by Pauline Deltour. The decorative, functional Promeneuse uses the brand’s key codes: grooved antique glass, an old-gold color, wax cameos and the range’s perfumes.
Place the ceramic dish on the brass cradle and place the spoon on the dish in the center. Place a scented cameo on the spoon. Lift the glass piece and place a night-light in the base and light it. Lower the glass piece delicately. The scented cameo will become liquid in approximately 10 minutes and will quickly begin to spread its perfume.

Slight vapors may appear when the wax becomes liquid. This is normal and is part of the diffusion process. A night-light will burn for approximately 8 hours and a scented wax cameo will diffuse 8 hours approximately. It is possible to do a single session of 8 hours or multiple sessions.

To extract wax from the dish, make sure the dish has not been heated for at least 4 hours, then delicately raise the spoon by its handle, the wax will break away and remain attached to the spoon. To remove the wax from the spoon, turn the spoon over and apply pressure on the wax towards the bottom while holding the handle.
La Promeneuse comes with 4 night-lights and 4 scented cameos :Abd El Kader / Ernesto / Odalisque / Solis Rex.
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