Daneson - CinnaMint No.7 Tooth Care
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Daneson - Mint No.9 Tooth Care
Daneson Mint No.9Tooth Care
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Daneson - Salted Birch No.8 Tooth Care
Daneson - Single Malt No.16 Tooth Care
Daneson - Bourbon No.22 Tooth Care
Daneson - Every Blend Tooth Care

The toothpicks are special and unlike any other.

Daneson was founded and is owned and operated by Peter Smith. The name Daneson is a play on the two maternal names in his family - the regal Ca from San Francisco on his fathers side and granma Elsie from Denmark, by way of Wisconsin, on his mothers side. Both women influenced him and deserve a tip of the hat. Daneson is fiercely independent. The mantra is: 'It is better to sleep well than it is to eat well.' All of our suppliers, barring Scotch from Islay and corks from Portugal, are either American or Canadian. A toothpick is more than just a toothpick. With the right recipe a Daneson can bring back memories, relax the mind, complete a meal, or distinguish a character