Equi London

A new and effective approach to nutritional supplements.

“We feel the benefits everyday and hope you love these supportive and enhancing supplements as much as we do.”

Friends for over a decade, Alice Mackintosh (an expert nutritional therapist) and Rosie Speight (city professional) have journeyed through university years into a hectic London lifestyle together. Continually searching for easy solutions to look, feel and be their best, their shared passion in finding quality supplements that really work led them to create their own range of perfectly supportive supplements.

During a particularly grueling year in her demanding job in the city of London, Rosie suffered a bout of troublesome acne after coming off the contraceptive pill ahead of starting a family. Without a suitable offering in health food shops and not wanting to turn to conventional medicine to clear it up, she consulted Alice. Rosie ate well, kept fit and did her best to look after herself, but it was only after Alice devised an effective supplement regime - a mix of intricate scientific blends, only available from specialist websites – that she noticed long lasting, effective results....and felt the best she had in years!

Following this experience, it became clear that there was a distinct lack of high quality, effective supplements that made a difference readily available on the market. With Alice's expertise in the science of nutrition and Rosie's direct experience of what busy people really want and need, Equi was created. A new approach to supplementation, bridging the gap of accessible and reliable information whilst cutting through the misleading and judgmental conversation. Equi offers a powerful and effective nutritional support that really works, removing the need for punishing and unrealistic health fads. Specifically designed for the busy, health conscious urbanites who want to live life in the fast lane, without suffering the side effects.
 Equi London