Hair- and Bodycare with plant ingredients from the south of France.

For the past five decades Klorane has brought botanical excellence and expertise to the forefront of the beauty industry. From humble beginnings in the mid 1960’s to present-day worldwide distribution, every Klorane effort—be it a product, a partnership or an environmental project—is dedicated to the founding values: authenticity, simplicity and safety, along with the tireless commitment to protecting both plant heritage and the environment.

The success-story begins in 1966 in Southwest of France when a young pharmacist, Mr. Pierre Fabre, driven by his passion for plants and his truly belief in their benefits for health and beauty, created the Klorane brand in his own dispensary. He launched a very innovative hair care concept: shampoos with active plant ingredients.

Klorane has a three-step commitment to nature and the plants in their award-winning products: protect, explore, educate. As a brand they are committed to exploring and experimenting with plant functions in a way that is safe and non-intrusive to the environment. In addition to the global environmental efforts and partnerships, Klorane boasts a wide array of biodegradable products and eco-designed packaging. Sustainable process, reliable results.
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