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Blush Papier
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Desperatley seeking a dose of healthy colour?
One sheet of Mai Couture Blush Papierwill instantly boost the complexion without the need for messy, unhygienic brushes. With seven different colors to choose from, each Blush Papier sheet is lightly powdered with paraben-free and talc-free pigment to give the complexion a natural-looking hint of shimmering hue. Each booklet contains 50 sheets.

Mai Couture Papiers love to travel (well, who doesn’t). Make it first class by enlisting a chic Mai Couture wallet. Stylish, portable and designed to protect the delicate papers in your handbag or makeup bqag, the Mai Couture wallet is the perfect way to transit your favourite Mai Couture makeup and blotting papiers. Able to hold two Mai Couture booklets at once, you can say goodbye to makeup breakage and handbag-wrecking spillage and say hello to radiance on-call.
Tear a sheet from the booklet (one sheet is enough for both cheeks) then gently rub the colored side of the papier in a semi-circular motion up the apples of the cheeks. For added depth of color, repeat motion with added pressure. Discard after each use.
Nadelholz bleached kraft pulp, hemp pulp, mica, kaolin, iron oxides. PARABEN FREE. TALC FREE.
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