Binchotan Body Scrub Towel
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High performance body scrub tow el with ultra-fine powder of Binchotan charcoal helps absorb odors, toxins and excess oil from the skin, leaving you feeling completely revitalized. green
This charcoal blended cloth is made with extra cleansing fibers to refresh and revitalize your body. Detoxify yourself and scrub away all the daily grime. Charcoal, is believed to have a multitude of beneficial effects. Not only does it absorb odors, but it can remove toxins and excess oil from the skin. Ultra fine powder of the Binchotan charcoal is blended into high-performance polyester fiber and woven together with soft cotton material. This new technology made possible to bring up the Binchotan's absorption power, far infrared rays effect, and anti-odor action into the luxurious body scrub towel. Made in Japan.
Caution: Do not use any other purpose except washing the body. Rubbing the same area of your skin with a strong intensity for a long time may cause skin damage of pigmentation. Do not use if you have sensitive skin, a skin allergy, or have any skin problems. Do not use on young children. If you experience irritation or soreness, stop using immediately. Rinse off soap and dry well after every use. Do not use washer, dryer, or iron. Do not bleach, The towel may shrink a little as you use it. Do not store near fire or in high temperatures.
• Cotton 45%, Polyester 45%.
• Size: 9 x 40 inches.
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