Ôbaba XXL Versailles vert
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The chic and practical alternative for your beach towel - which keeps the sand on the ground.
Ôbaba cotton is ultra-thin, giant and lightweight. It has reinforced buttonholes at each corner and four lightweight fibre pegs that allow you to firmly attach it to the ground. Each peg, made from ultralight fibre is inserted into a reinforced buttonhole to ensure Ôbaba stays in the ground – be it sand or grass. At 16cm, the pegs are an ideal length, highly durable and weigh just 8g each. The buttonholes have been designed specifically for the pegs too – providing a firmer fix to the ground, and safety for children. On top of that, the pegs are made from fibre, meaning Ôbaba complies with hand luggage rules on all airlines.
Ôbaba is light, soft, ultra compact (rolled occupies very little space) and dries quickly. Not only that, but Ôbaba is also easy to use, super-resistant and machine washable, being made from the highest quality cotton and made in France. Ôbaba also comes with a wide elastic band attachment which makes it even easier to carry. Rolled up, Ôbaba takes up next to no space in your beach bag.
Ôbaba weighs just 190 grams, with its four pegs and band. 2,15m x 1m. 100% cotton – made in France.
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