HELLO SUNSHINE Vitamin D, K2 und Calcium
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Dietary supplement for a healthy immune system and good spirits. green
The natural plant form of organic vitamin D in ‘Hello Sunshine’ provides 150% of your daily requirement. Plant calcium from red coralline algae (organic) ensures a particularly high bioavailability.
A modern lifestyle often means that our body does not get enough sunlight, the main prerequisite for its ability to naturally produce vitamin D. Food also only offers few sources. The number of people in Europe with a vitamin D deficiency is constantly growing.
Vitamin D not only controls the body’s natural calcium uptake but is also responsible for us having a balanced mood and a properly functioning immune system.
Take 1 capsule each morning with plenty of water and a meal.
Suitable for a combination with all other Ogænics® products.
• Vitamin D and vitamin K2 as well as calcium contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.
• Vitamin D and calcium have a function in cell division.
• Vitamin D supports the normal intake of calcium and a normal calcium level in the blood.
• In addition, vitamin D contributes to a normal function of the immune system.
• Protects against atherosclerosis.
Organic red coralline algae powder (of which 118 g calcium), bisporic organic mushroom powder (of which 7.5 mg vitamin D=300 i.E.), K2Vital® (of which 56 µg vitamin K2). Vegetarian capsule made from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

This product is natural, vegan, lactose and gluten free, produced without the use of genetic engineering and free from fillers and additives.
The dietary experts and Ogænics® founders recommend that you combine this product with others in line with your needs as required:

• For people aged 30 plus: ‘Mrs. One-A-Day’, ‘Hello Sunshine’ and ‘Beauty Fuel’.
• For people aged 40 plus: ‘Mrs. One-A-Day’, ‘Hello Sunshine’ and ‘Inner Beauty’.
• To combat stress: ‘B-Happy’, ‘Hello Sunshine’ and ‘Body Guard’.
• In months with little sunshine: ‘Mrs. One-A-Day’ and ‘Hello Sunshine’.
• To combat inflammation: ‘Hello Sunshine’ and ‘Body Guard’.
• During pregnancy: ‘B-Happy’ and ‘Hello Sunshine’.
• During menopause: ‘B-Happy’ and ‘Hello Sunshine’.
• To enhance your mood: ‘B-Happy’ and ‘Hello Sunshine’.
• For men: ‘B-Happy’, ‘Hello Sunshine’ and ‘Body Guard’.
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