Brow Build
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Color Light Brown (Cinnamon Spice)|Size 1 Stück
bbrowbar Brow Build Eyebrows
bbrowbar Brow Build Eyebrows
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Eyebrow gel for a fuller and bolder brow look.
Ideal for sparse brows in need of a boost, Brow Build helps achieve a fuller and bolder brow look in a matter of seconds. Its clever part-gel, part-cream formula contains miniscule bres that mimic the appearance of abundant brow hair, creating the illusion of thicker, fuller brows.
Apply using the wand along the length of your brows, brushing up in short strokes, allowing the bres to attach to your brows and create the effect of beautiful voluminous brows. Finish by brushing your hair up for a textured, boyish look or simply brush the hair outwards for a more polished one.
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