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diptyque Refill Hour Glass Diffuser Gingembre Refill Room Fragrance
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Hour glass diffuser spreads its perfume slowly and gently.
The hour glass diffuser is a symbolic and familiar object that brings back the visionary world captured in perfume.

The scent slowly diffuses as the drops fall, one by one, and time passes. Perfume becomes as much a visual manifestation as one of smell and touch.

A unique, patented method relying on gravity and capillary action, a union of technical minimalism and sophistication. Easy and intuitive to use, just like an hour glass diffuser; one turns the object over to begin a cycle of about one hour. An autonomous system that lets the hour glass diffuser be placed anywhere, anytime, for any reason. An eco-responsible design: it is made of recyclable materials, the hour glass diffuser can be refilled once with the same scent, a permanent object that provides three months of use with every 75ml refill.
The diptyque hour glass diffuser is designed to spread its fragrance slowly and gently. It gives the surrounding air a subtle, signature fragrance. Perfect for scenting small spaces of less than 20m², it can also create a light, fragrant ambiance in larger spaces. The perfume spreads across a 3-to4-meter perimeter around the object.

For optimal fragrance diffusion, it is best to place the hour glass diffuser near an open area in the room that provides air circulation (radiator, window, fireplace...).

The diffuser begins working once it is turned over. When using for the first time, turn it over two or three times in successions as to fully impregnate the porous material that allows the perfume to spread.

If the hourglass diffuser has remained unused for a long period of time, you may need to turn it over two or three times in succession to activate the fragrance diffusion.

The diptyque hour glass diffuser requires no special maintenance. Its a permanent object that provides approximately three months of use, until the perfume evaporates completely.

You can then refill it once with the same fragrance, using the perfume refills.
The initial purity of freshly cut ginger envelops the senses completely.
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