Standard Candle Feuille de Lavande
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Herbal scented candle.
diptyque has painted an olfactory canvas of lavender which captures every dimension of the plant: the leaf, the flower, the stones in the soil, the cooling mistral, the scorching sun.

Initially, notes develop of fresh, clean air, dry straw, with a slightly mineral tinge, like the stones on which it grows. Then the scent opens into faintly camphorated rustic accents and the base note warms and becomes very sensual.
What makes lavender so unique is the contrast between its very fresh top notes and the warm coumarin-like base.


•A 190g candle burns for 50 to 60 hours
•The first time you light a diptyque candle, let it burn for at least an hour, so that the entire wax surface liquefies, thereby avoiding formation of a crater
•Trim the wick regularly to prevent blackening of the glass
•After use, always re-center the wick so that the candle burns evenly
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