Standard Candle Menthe Verte
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Herbal scented candle.
A field of mint on the banks of an icy creek in Brittany. Breathing in the smell of the Menthe Verte candle makes one feel like one is diving into an icy pool of chlorophyll. Indoors, it is an enveloping encounter with nature coupled with an invigorating breath of freshness. A symphony in green. Expressing the outlandish, wild freshness of spearmint, tempering the sweetness that renders it rather mundane, and incorporating a hint of pepper to heighten its elegance.

•Green mint

•A 190g candle burns for 50 to 60 hours
•The first time you light a diptyque candle, let it burn for at least an hour, so that the entire wax surface liquefies, thereby avoiding formation of a crater
•Trim the wick regularly to prevent blackening of the glass
•After use, always re-center the wick so that the candle burns evenly
•To create your own unique fragrance environment, we suggest burning two different candles simultaneously.
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