Niche Beauty offers customers who are interested in beauty a selection of the world's hottest and most sought-after beauty products. We look forward to welcoming exclusive partners, websites and beauty bloggers to work with us and our affiliate program. Register with our affiliate partnerRewardstyle and earn hard cash when visitors to your website shop with Niche Beauty.

Commission on the net sale less shipping costs, tax, and returns.
• Your entitlement to commission lasts for 15 days for sales generated through your website.
You will not incur any costs.
Reporting is carried out in real time and all sales can be retraced..

  • Integrate the advertising material from Niche Beauty into your website.
  • Link your website to products from Niche Beauty.
  • When your visitors click on advertising material from Niche Beauty or on a link and then make a purchase you will earn commission.
  • Discuss what the most interesting novelties are with us and promote these looks and products to ensure that your visitors are the first to be informed about them.
  • Simply complete the registration form at Rewardstyle .
  • Rewardstyle will check your details and your registration.
  • As soon as you are a member of Rewardstyle you can search for products, select Niche Beauty products in the search function, and then immediately link to them.
  • Or when you are browsing you can simply include the product links in your list of favorites via the 'Link Ninja Feature’ of Rewardstyle so that you can quickly and easily integrate links to Niche Beauty products.

You can ask us about this at any time if you have any questions about the program or about individual products.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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