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Dienen Beauty Assisting Brush Kit

CHF 65,50
In Stock plus shipping costs* CHF 65,50 / 1 piece
Size 1 set


Brush duo for eyes and lips, vegan & limited.

The DIENEN Beauty Assisting Brush Kit is the best support system for your inner makeup artist. Two little helpers: One for cat eyes and precisely painted lips; the other for dream smoky eyes and lit-from-within highlights. All in a gorgeous, highly giftable box. You’re gonna want to get one for yourself.

• “DIENEN" means in Middle High German: assist, stand by, help, work
• The oval flattened form of the Lip & Eye Liner Brush allows exact application of lip products.
• Straight contours are no problem due to the firmly bonded synthetic hair.
• The Lip & Eye Liner Brush can be plugged together including protective cap.
• The Soft Eye Brush is suitable for applying eye shadow or for blending through its flat-bound shape.
• The brush is vegan and animal-free and completely recyclable.

• LIP EYE LINER BRUSH is a stiff, tapered little helper that makes more-is-more glamour easier than that hour you spend on no-makeup makeup. Made for impeccably drawn cat eyes and the most precise lip you’ve ever had. Even if you think you’re not good at that stuff. Try it and weep with joy.
• SOFT EYE BRUSH is a flat-bound little multitasker with just enough give to turn saturated pigment into a gentle haze. Makes smoky eyes even smokier, highlighter even glowier, and grown-up glitter child’s play. Think of it as your little assistant when you get bored of the sensible concealer-and-mascara routine.

To clean, clean the brush with lukewarm water and a little mild natural soap. Then let it air-dry lying flat on a piece of kitchen roll.

• Brush handle is made of 100% birch wood
• The brush hairs are made of synthetic hair & suitable for animal hair allergy sufferers.

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