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Niche Beauty

Lanserhof LANS Derma


Lanserhof is designed as a place of energy and tranquillity with the most modern medicine, all of which recreates natural attractiveness, radiance, physical well-being and inner balance.

With its holistic concept of health, Lanserhof has been a leader in the field of innovative vitality medicine in Europe for three decades. Consequently, this concept has now been expanded with the addition of Lanserhof’s own range of body care products. This in turn has added a new dimension to LANS Derma Therapy - Luxury in harmony with nature. Highly effective with purely organic active ingredients developed with the know-how of the Lanserhof medical team and the experience of the dermatology experts. The range contains three different aromatic benefits: The BALANCE products contain lime blossoms and mallow and have a harmonizing effect, ENERGY provides new energy and VITALITY has a revitalizing effect.