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Steiff is one of a kind and world famous for its fantastically finished, “button-in-ear” cuddly toys. In collaboration with the long-established cosmetic company Dreiturm from Hessen, the range has now been expanded to include special baby care products for the very first time.
The success story of the Steiff company from Baden Württemberg reads like a fairy tale. In 1880 Margarete Steiff started her company with a single pin cushion in the shape of an elephant. The cuddly toy portfolio quickly expanded some years later. The great breakthrough presented itself with the launch of the first plush bears that became known as “Teddy” thanks to President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. A mega seller! The range continues to grow through innovations and collaborations to this day. Yet Margarete Steiff’s motto - “only the best is good enough for children” - remains valid and unchanged.


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