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Niche Beauty

The Tonik

Pip Summerville, who lives in Australia, relied on the natural power substances of coconut oil and apple vinegar to balance her hectic lifestyle. The effect was convincing. However, the glass packaging of the food was impractical and too heavy to carry at all times. For Pip, the question arose as to whether this could be easier? The natural substances, for example, packed in a capsule? She asked her father, who with 40 years of professional experience as a pharmacist and product developer was the perfect contact. With his know-how and Pips' goal of designing food supplements for their everyday lives, they founded Tonik in 2016. "My personal experiences have made me the biggest fan of natural ingredients, and I wanted it to be practical to take them in and benefit from them. My philosophy is that a healthy lifestyle can also be comfortable," explains Pip.

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