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Niche Beauty


Room Spray Bibliotheque

€ 85,00
In Stock Free shipping € 34,00 / 100 ml
Size 250 ml


The iconic Bibliothèque home scent in a unique and collector Eau de PARFUM, limited edition.

Bibliothèque transports you to the comforting confines of a traditional library. A world of a quiet contemplation where time stands still and the senses are heightened. Soft, sweet aromas of velvety peach and tangy plum pervade the air before a dry floral bouquet of peony and violet unfurls notes of nostalgia with a hint of musk. Dusty patchouli finally reveals itself amid layers of leather and vanilla that evoke memories of a favorite armchair and antique able piled high with leather bound tomes of well-worn pages tinged with time.

For room: Spray several spritzes mid-air per room

For smaller spaces & curtains: Spray 30cm from fabric items.

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Art. no. 303-115

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