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Holistic Silk

Hot Water Bottle Gold Silk Velvet

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Luxurious Hot Water Bottle, covered in golden Silk Velvet.

A Hot Water Bottle is one of the best tools for stress relief and comfort. The reassuring, soothing and super luxurious Silk Velvet version of a classic favourite induces relaxation and sleep and comes complete with a superior quality 2litre Fashy™ bottle to bring luxury, warmth and comfort at any time of the day. Glamorous enough to use at work and on the move. Perfect for common ailments such as stomach, back and neck ache and of course for keeping you warm through the night. Covered in super soft Silk Velvet with a sumptuous Cotton Velvet lining to keep you warm for hours. The Hot Water Bottle comes with a removable pure Lavender sachet to emit a subtle scent. You will never want to go to bed without it.

• Dimensions: 38 cm x 26.5 cm
• Each Velvet Hot Water Bottle comes with a beautiful Organza storage bag.
• Use to apply delicate warmth to aching muscles.
• High Quality 2litre Fashy™ bottle stays warm all night long.
• Encourages relaxation.
• Helps to induce sleep.
• Brings, simple, easy comfort to everyday.

• Use at any time to aid relaxation, sleep and to ease aches and pains.
• Fill 2/3rds full with with hot water.
• Screw lid on tightly.
• DO NOT use boiling water or water over 80 degrees.

Care: Machine washable at 30° with a mild detergent. Please remove the Lavender sachet before machine washing or dry cleaning.

Silk Velvet Cover & Cotton Velvet Lining.

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