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Niche Beauty

Holistic Silk

Pure Mulberry Silk Turban Jade

€ 81,00
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Silk Turban.

This 100% 22 momme Mulberry Silk Turban has been expertly designed and constructed to bring all of the beauty benefits of Mulberry Silk to every strand of hair making this a Turban that is as beautiful to look at as it is effective. Unlike others, the shiny side of the Mulberry Silk sits against your hair bringing the full beauty benefits of Mulberry Silk to your hair all night long. A small amount of elastic at the nape of the neck only, no elastic around your face means no telltale marks when you wake. A soft front twist creates an exceptionally comfortable, personalised fit therefore sleep isn't disturbed by hard knots, ties or fastenings.

• Wraps and protects hair as you sleep
• Less frizz, less straightening, less snagging, less split ends
• Naturally controls hair hydration
• Reduces the need to wash and restyle in the morning
• Protects straightening and styling treatments
• Super stylish, easy to wear and stays in place all night long

• With the shiny Silk side against your hair, twist the turban twice at your forehead.
• Bring the front half of the Turban to the back of your head where it will sit naturally at the nape of your neck.
• Relax and let your hair luxuriate.
• Easy to maintain, just hand or machine wash at 30° on a delicate setting.

100% Mulberry Silk.

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