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Niche Beauty

Holistic Silk

Travel Gem Water Bottle

€ 50,00
In Stock Free shipping € 50,00 / 1 piece

Color Harmony | Size 1 piece

Drinking bottle with balancing, energetic crystals. Rose Quartz: for love and peace.

Holistic Silk


Holistic Silk

Pure Silk Scrunchie Mix Colours with any purchase of a Holistic Silk Pure Silk Pillowcase

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*This Beauty Deal will automatically be added to your order if shown conditions are met

All Beauty Deals

Water loses some of its natural curative properties due to reprocessing and filtering. Adding Gem Crystals can instil a positive energetic structure to your drinking water, which can include softening it as well as making it taste fresher. The captivating natural beauty of Gem Water Crystals also encourage you to drink more water. This 650ml lightweight BPA & BPS free plastic bottle features a fully removable screw top lid and for easy filling and cleaning allowing you to enjoy your crystal tonic on the go in luxury. The sealed chamber contains a mixture of Rose Quartz and Rock Crystal.

• Gemstone Crystals have an abundence of healing properties associated to them and traditional Chinese philosophy recognises good health comes from a harmonious balance of elements.
• Said to have the ability to absorb energy and convert it into electric energy, each different type of Gemstone Crystal emits a unique frequency:
Rose Quartz: for love and peace
Rock Crystal: for amplifying energy.

• Fill with water to allow the crystals to release their energy.
• Drink as required.

• High quality BPA & BPS free plastic.
• Screw top lid
• 650ml bottle.
• Fixed gemstone chamber containing Rose Quartz and Rock Crystal.

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