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Magic Box - Limited Niche Beauty Edition

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All MAGICSTRIPES bestselling masks and the original Eyelid Lifting Stripes in one box - with a price discount of 24€!

The MAGICSTRIPES BEAUTY BOX as a limited NICHE BEAUTY EDITION contains seven masks and the original EYELID LIFTING STRIPES for immediate eyelid lifting without surgery and visibly radiant, rejuvenated skin.

The unique MAGNETIC YOUTH MASK accelerates with its containing Magnets the blood circulation, the cell renewal and slows the skin aging.

The gel-like HYALURONIC INTENSIVE TREATMENT MASK made of 100% biodegradable cotton promotes the nutrient supply to the skin, hyaluronic acid fills and smoothes facial wrinkles immediately.

The COLLAGEN LIFTING MASK lifts and tightens the lower half of the face with a cocktail of collagen, caffeine and vitamin C + E.

With its combination of ultrafine alumina particles and a microfibre fabric, the DEEP DETOX TIGHTENING MASK not only has a deep cleansing effect, but also tightens and forms the skin at the same time.

The CHIN & CHEEK LIFTING MASK lifts and tightens the skin of the chin and cheek in just 40 minutes.

The cooling WAKE ME UP COLLAGEN EYE PATCHES makes tired eyes radiate swelling and smoothing eye wrinkles.

The MAGIC HANDS REPAIRING GLOVES from natural extracts, active molecules, shea butter and olive oil stimulate the skin renewal process, remove skin aging and ensure well-groomed, delicate hands.

Each mask has detailed application instructions on the back of the package.

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