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Magicstripes Trial S-M-L

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The Original immediate Eye-Lid lifting without surgery for droopy eyelids!

The skin-friendly silicone eyelid correction patch create that fresh, radiant look and overall younger appearance within seconds. This little secret of many stars, introduced by Makeup Artist Natalie Franz to European Customers Is Suitable Not Only For Woman But Also Men Of All Ages.

The box includes: 32 Strips Size S + 32 Strips Size M + 32 Strips Size L.

• Transparent & comfortable

• Easy & fast application

• Immediate & long lasting effect

• Apply makeup as usual

• Remove grease from eyelid

• Remove stripe from the silver plate

• Tilt your head slightly backwards, while looking straight into the mirror

• Stick the stripes in the eyelid crease. Enjoy the Magic!

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Art. no. 400-008

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