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Wanderlust The Journal


by Faustyna Klabun



With WANDERLUST, we would like to take you to new places, inspire you to move. Not physically by plane, train or car. It's all about moving things around in your head - perhaps trying new beauty routines, discovering new ways to cope with stress, or developing self-healing powers. Self-tanning may still irritate you - which it really shouldn't - and Susanne Kaufmann could finally change your mind about getting older.

And ZEITGEIST - we want to show you what's cool now and what the beauty industry is all about today. We have interviewed beauty experts around the globe, immersed ourselves in the topic of Clean Beauty, and set up a shopping list for the Summer Must-Haves 2020.

We invite you to travel with us to the beauty highlights, from spring to summer, from work to relax with a good book and enjoy the Zeitgeist that all these new places bring.
We wish you an unforgettable summer despite stormy and turbulent times, stay healthy.

Laetitia von Hessen & Sarah von Doetinchem


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