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Hair Round Blow Dryer Brush

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Blow dryer round brush for shiny blowouts with shine giving ionic technology, shortened drying time, anti-frizz.

A two-in-one tool that combines a round brush and blow dryer to easily and quickly create a smooth, shiny, and bouncy blowout using negative ion technology.
- Adds Shine.

- Increases Volume.

- Smooths Frizz.

- Large Oval Barrel: Creates volume at the root and sleekness along the shaft.

- Tourmaline Coated: Emits negative ions to help reduce frizz.

- Mix of Long and Short Bristles: Detangles, smooths, and minimizes breakage.

- Get your shine on with the hair blow dryer brush! This innovative tool is clinically proven to give your blowout two times the shine while banishing unwanted frizz for an effortless, glossy finish. The large oval barrel creates volume at the root and sleekness along the shaft while a mix of long and short bristles detangle, smooth, and minimize breakage. Adjustable heat settings provide a customized blowout that works for every type of hair.

- The delivery includes an EU plug, no adapter or USB connector.
- Start with towel-dried hair. For very thick or long hair, air dry or rough dry with a regular blow-dryer.

- Spray the shield anti-humidity spray or blockade heat defense serum to protect against heat damage.

- Turn brush on by rotating the temperature control dial clockwise to the desired setting.

- Divide hair into sections. Working section by section, maneuver the brush through hair. For extra volume, over-direct sections at the crown of the head.

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