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Florida-based dermatologist Dr. Loretta Ciraldo has always been focused on how and why skin ages. With over 40 years of professional experience, she knows exactly what her patients want and need. That's why her product line targets the four main causes of visible skin ageing: Environmental stress, light, climate and irritants. And she deliberately offers a simple routine so that everyone can feel good about their skin, no matter what stage of life or age. As the best version of yourself! Dr. Loretta - The ultimate skincare realist.

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  • Exclusive
Resurfacing Enzyme Polish

Exfoliating mask with Pomegranate Enzyme, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Safflower and Coconut Oil, exfoliating, smoothing, clarifying and plumping, Anti-Aging, Awardwinner & vegan.

  • Exclusive
Tightening Eye Gel

Eye cream with Chromabright®, Lipochroman®, Algae Extract and Peptides, smoothing, protecting and brightening, reduces puffiness, Anti-Aging & Awardwinner.

  • Exclusive
Intense Replenishing Serum

Multi-serum with Glycolipids, Lipochroman®, Vitamins E and F, moisturizing, balancing, protecting and plumping, gives a fresh glow, Awardwinner.

  • Exclusive
Tightening Detox Mask

Detox mask with Tetrapeptide-4, Yeast Extract, Seawater Algin and Rose Oil, moisturizing, regenerating, clarifying and firming, Awardwinner & vegan.

The ultimate skincare realist.

Dr. Loretta is founded by one of the most passionate dermatologists in the business, Dr. Loretta Ciraldo. She has dedicated her career to understanding why our skin ages and how we can incorporate effective products into a simplified skincare routine.

Skincare for the real world.®

Dr. Loretta Ciraldo’s approach to skincare formulation is rooted in the Skin Exposome Theory of Aging. This explains that at least 80% of unwanted skin changes are from exposure to real world environmental aggressors: pollution, light, climate and irritants.

Dermatologist-founded. Female-owned. Family-run.

Enriched by a deep passion for skincare, Dr. Loretta Ciraldo is supported by her two daughters, Liza and Gina, who share her attitude and aptitude for helping people grow confidence in their appearance.

Simplified skincare.

Every Dr. Loretta product is formulated with high concentrations of proven actives and effective botanical ingredients to correct and prevent damage caused by the real-world factors we face each day: pollution, light, climate and irritants.