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Glass cuticle pusher for the nailcare routine, sustainable and hygienic.

For the effective and gentle nailcare routine at home! The cuticle slider made of durable and particularly hygienic glass allows precise sliding of the skin and effective removal of dead skin cells. Compared to using scissors or clippers, the tool minimizes the risk of injuring the nail bed. In addition, the cuticle slider is easy to clean.
- Cuticle slider as durable and hygienic glass.

- Gently removes cuticles and dead skin cells.

- Minimizes the risk of torn nail beds.

- Easy to clean.
- For optimal use, soak cuticles in a lukewarm hand bath.

- With the flat end of the slider, gently push back the cuticle. Use the pointed end to remove loose skin.

- Gentle movements and light pressure ensure that the nails are not scratched.

Caution: the object may break if it falls.
100% glass.

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Art. no. 606-052

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