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Manicure Kit - Rose Gold

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Set for manicure in rose gold with cuticle pusher, clipper, file and buffer.

All the must-haves for nail care in one set, all in a beautiful rose gold. Contains everything needed for a perfect manicure, whether for shortening, shaping, polishing or for an irresistible shine. The set contains:

Nail cuticle pusher

Nail clipper

Nail file

Nail buffer
- The multifunctional cuticle pusher has a loop on one side for easy removal of nail polish residue and a flat, hand-ground edge on the other side to gently push back cuticles and to clean the nail.

- The nail clipper shortens nails with sharp, rounded cutting blades that mimic the shape of the nail and is made of stainless steel.

- The nail file features a rough side for shaping the nails as well as a fine side for smoothing the nail edges.

- The two-in-one nail buffer smoothes nails with the white side and polishes them with the pink side.
- Clean the surface of your nails thoroughly with nail polish remover and carefully remove any residue with the loop end of the rose gold cuticle pusher.

- Gently push back previously softened cuticles with the flat edge of the cuticle pusher and remove any impurities under the nail as well as around the corners it if necessary.

- Shorten the nails with the nail clippers: Start at the sides and work your way to the middle.

- Use the rough side of the nail file to shape the nails and the fine side afterwards to smooth the nail edges.

- Finally, make the nails shine with the nail buffer: The white side is perfect for smoothing, the pink side for polishing.
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