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Eau de toilette with molecule Iso E Super-M, unfolds an individual fragrance on the skin, warm & velvety, unisex.

Molecule 01 consists of 100% Iso E Super, pure and singular. It combines with — almost caramelises with — your own smell to meld into a personal scent signature. Molecule 01 has been said to cause animal magnetism — a latter-day love potion. Geza Schoen used the beautifully mysterious and democratic aroma-molecule Iso E Super as the star of this juice. He felt it expressed everything a perfumer could want: radiance, tenacity, and power. "Iso E Super is one of those scents that makes you want to nestle into it. It's comforting and cocooning," says Geza Schoen. Molecule 01 has a marked intermittence. To the wearer, it seems to vanish and then re-appear. This is due to the way it sits with receptors in the olfactory system, only slowly releasing to make it easy for a new charge of the molecule on the receptors. Iso E Super does not exist in nature and was created in a laboratory at the IFF in 1973. "Molecule 01 is for the individual who might be a bit bored with fragrance and would prefer to radiate an aura. It's difficult to call a single aroma-chemical a fragrance — it's so much more personal," says Geza Schoen. Molecule 01 is a cult classic of today that remains as disruptive and avant-garde as the day it was first bottled.
- The only ingredient in Molecule 01 is the aroma-molecule Iso E Super. This is one of a group of fragrance materials, such as musk, that some people are highly sensitive to, while others find them hard to detect. Most people, however, detect these ingredients within a normal range of sensitivity.

- One of the mysterious qualities of Iso E Super that it seems to vanish and re-appear. This is because of the way it bonds with receptors in the olfactory system, only slowly releasing to make way for a fresh charge of the molecule on the receptors.

- If you find Molecule 01 hard to detect, you may want to try Escentric 01. Escentric 01 contains 65% of Iso E Super blended with other ingredients chosen to pull out and enhance its scent profile. So you could say Escentric 01 is a hyper-portrait of Iso E Super, permitting you to experience its key characteristics, even if you have a low sensitivity to Iso E Super itself.
IIt is important to always apply the perfume on the skin, because only then the molecular compounds can fully unfold.

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