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A refillable artist’s palette for curating Surratt Beauty eye shadows and blushes.

The refillable artist’s palette lets you build your ideal makeup kit. Choose the Petite or Grande palette, then select your shades from Surratt Beauty’s eye shadows and blushes. Surratt Beauty is dedicated to the Japanese tradition of minimal elegance, and this palette’s space-saving palette is designed to be lightweight and secure, and it’s also recyclable.

Individual blushes and eye shadow singles, sold separately, can also be used on their own—a double lock closure prevents spills.

Choose from your favorite blushes and eye shadows to configure your own touch-up case. Remove the sticker at the base of each single and gently press it into the palette to secure. The Grand palette holds:
-four eye shadows and one blush
-or three blushes
or six eye shadows
-or two eye shadows and two blushes.

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