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Is Clean more than "Free of"?

Clean offers more than the renunciation of ingredients

by Niche Beauty


Synthetic ingredients can be safe and sustainable, and natural ingredients can be harmful and not sustainable. Our CLEAN GUIDE is not about natural versus synthetic, but about testing ingredients for their potential effects.

Therefore the CLEAN GUIDE is more than just a product category. This is about simple transparency. Those of the brands towards us. Which we then pass on to you so that you can find the right product for you.

And that means concretely for us:


"Free of" or "Free of" - CLEAN is a detailed list of ingredients that are excluded in these products.


To know where an ingredient comes from: a plant, a mineral, a laboratory or a mixture of everything.


All brands and/or products that receive our CLEAN seal have been previously equipped with our checklist. This is documented by us and guarantees the desired transparency.


CLEAN means the manufacturers of these products prefer a sustainable extraction and cultivation of the ingredients used.


The ingredients of the products were selected by the brands based on a low risk. The safety of the skin is always in the foreground.


The CLEAN GUIDE prefers packaging materials that are easy to recycle and have little impact on the environment.

Note: As we also work with many smaller niche brands, not all of the above points can always be equally weighted and met. However, our Free-of List (THE LIST) is binding for all products and brands represented here.


Natural ingredients come from natural sources (and are not synthetically derived). This means that they occur in nature in the same or largely the same chemical form. There are now many brands that call naturally produced or even synthetic ingredients "natural". This is greenwashing and is not supported by us. That's why we didn't call this category GREEN or NATURAL.

It is similar with the term "naturally-derived". Here the ingredient comes from plants or minerals, but has been processed and/or combined with other ingredients that can be synthetic

We have many products in our range that contain ingredients that are "organic". In general, this means that the ingredients are obtained and manufactured without the use of pharmaceutical products, hormones and synthetic chemicals. In addition, the ingredients are grown according to the principles of organic farming. However, as we also work with many foreign brands, each country has its own standards, requirements and certificates. As soon as a product or a brand has been certified as "organic" - no matter if at home or abroad - you can consider this under the filter point "Natural" by setting the check mark "Organic" in your product selection.






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