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Ideal for Almond and Deep Set Eyes.

Introducing the next generation of breakthrough curlers from the Lash Logic Series with the perfect shape and perfect design to give the hardest to reach lashes the perfect curl. The ProMaster Lash Curler is the ideal design for almond and deep set eyes. This new premium quality, specialty curler is ideal for anyone with a little more curve appeal to her lid. Designed to beautifully curl hard to reach lashes, the thin top bar creates an even more extra wide opening to reach every last lash. Shaped perfectly to follow the curve of almond shaped and deep set eyes, the curler lies comfortably against the lid right up against the lash line without losing lashes along the corners or pinching. The thick, rounded silicone pads are hypoallergenic, won’t stick, and ensure always intense curl without ever creasing lashes. Stylish and distinctive in gunmetal grey-black with black pad. Three replacement pads included.

•Curved for almond shaped and deep set eyes
•Larger opening area reaches every last lash
•Angled for ultimate leverage to get the best curl
•Thick, rounded silicone pad creates intense curl without sticking to or creasing lashes
Replace your pad every 3 months. Replace curler every year.

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