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Claus Porto

Cerina Brise Marine Diffuser

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Size 200 ml


Room diffuser with porcelain vase and notes of elemi, sea salt, geranium and cedar.




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*This Beauty Deal will automatically be added to your order if shown conditions are met

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The Claus Porto diffuser is the ultimate luxury in-home fragrance, with striking visuals and inspiring scents. Presented in a biscuit porcelain vessel it makes an impressive centerpiece. Cerina’s polished scent of cedarwood and frankincense will immediately calm your senses and give you an overall sense of balance.

Top Notes: Elemi and sea salt

Heart Notes: Geranium, pepper and frankincense

Base Notes: Cedarwood and sea moss

- Relax and enjoy your home. Cerina’s woody, polished scent is strongly inspired by Portugal’s rugged coast. Notes of cedarwood and sea moss, are embraced by the breezy sweetness of delicate geranium and balancing notes of frankincense. The result is as restoring as an ocean dive.

- Energizing moments.

- Filling your room with freshness.

- Each box contains: 1 porcelain vase, 8 reed sticks and 2 x 100 ml/3.4 fl. oz bottles of fragrance.

- The outer packaging presents Cerina’s multi-blue packaging, designed around a Portuguese galleon, a nod to the country’s affinity with the sea and its great navigators.

- To get the most out of your diffuser: Place in a high position to ensure the fragrance permeates throughout the room using natural air circulation.

- Always place the diffuser on a stable surface. Use a coaster or base under your diffuser to avoid dripping.

- Carefully pour the scented oil from the two bottles into the porcelain vase. Insert the reeds and wait for the fragrance to fill your room.

- Using both bottles will guarantee maximal fragrance diffusion. Occasionally flip the sticks over to boost fragrance release.

- Control fragrance intensity by removing, or adding, reeds.

- Never mix water with the scented oil - it will impede diffusion.

- The diffuser oils are flammable; keep away from open flames.

- After 3-4 months, replace the oil and reeds with a Claus Porto diffuser refill.


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