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Luxurious Yoga Rug Mat – for a high-end work-out or relaxation.

The super luxurious Yoga Rug Mat has a non-slip faux leather base and cosy fleece top to give comfort and reassurance for stretching, holding your pose, pilates and shavasana.

It is a standard yoga mat size of 180 cm x 63 cm and comes with a comfy carrying harness /handle.

The mat is filled with pure soothing lavender that gently releases its fragrance as you practice.

Recommended for restorative and yin yoga practise but not ideal for dynamic/hot Yoga etc. You can also use the Yoga Rug Mat for lounging around on, taking to the park or the beach.

Amazingly you can wash the mat at 30° in a standard washing machine. The lavender will gradually start to fade when you do this so we suggest sprinkling lavender essential oil where you like on the fleece to maintain the pleasant aroma.

• Faux Leather backing.
• Eco Fleece top.

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