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Niche Beauty

Kat Burki


The innovative US-beautyline was created by Kat Burki, a lifelong advocate for wellness and beauty. She is a multi-award winning influencer recognized for innovation and formulating distinctive formulas, applying advanced nutritional scientific concepts, creating one-of- a-kind luxury.

Kat formulates Super Nutrient Complexes based on applied nutritional sciences, by intelligently aligning ingredients that once combined heighten each ingredients efficacy, creating “super ingredients” with maximum potency.

The intelligently aligned Super Nutrient Complexes are pharmaceutically compounded, devoid of unnecessary and harmful fillers, including water, alcohol and dimethicone. Passion-driven and determined to change the landscape of conventional skincare, Kat spearheaded a certified method of Cold-Processing that transcends ordinary production processes to ensure the formulated super nutrient complexes retain the highest level of efficacy – fulfilling the brand’s larger mission to help you discover your skin’s true potential.

Due to strong demand we may have a shortage in goods.


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