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Niche Beauty

Czech & Speake

Leather-Bound Manicure Set - Gold/Cream

€ 450,00
In Stock Free shipping € 450,00 / 1 piece
Size 1 piece

  • Exclusive

Manicure set, made in Germany.

8 piece Manicure Set – stone and cream soft leather case containing.

While buffed nails and smooth cuticles may seem like manicured, well-kempt hands are truly a signifier of elegance. Keep yourself up to par with Czech & Speake's manicure set - the kit includes a selection of durable German-made tools housed in a leather-bound travel case.

24 carat gold plated 9cm slanted tweezers, safety scissors, classic nail scissors, nail clippers, nail file, toe nail clippers, cuticle nipper, double ended cuticle instrument.

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Art. no. 372-002

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