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Candle Tubereuse

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Scented candle with notes of Tuberose in red enameled porcelain vessel, XL size.




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*This Beauty Deal will automatically be added to your order if shown conditions are met

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The XL candle Tubéreuse is available embedded in a red enameled porcelain vessel with the typical oval of the brand.

The scent of tuberose in the vast fields of southern India, where these intensely fragrant white flowers are grown. The flowers on the slender stems spread a beguiling, yet fresh aroma with delicate fruity and milky notes.

Burn time: 90 hours.

- First choose one candle, then a second. Light them at the same time and create a scented landscape that can always be reshaped.

- Duo of Tubéreuse and Iris: A night in Grasse. In the past, young girls in the region around Grasse were forbidden to go out during the tuberose harvest, because it was feared that the beguiling floral scent would drive them "out of their minds". Some would steal away in secret, and their kisses would smell of the white blossoms and the powdery iris notes of their blush.

- When first used, the candle should burn for 2 to 3 hours, at least until the wax is completely liquid on the surface.

- Finally, trim the wick regularly with wick scissors (optimally to 3-5 cm).

- Be sure to center the wick after each use so that the wax burns evenly.

- We recommend airing the room after burning a candle.

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