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Niche Beauty

James Read

Coconut Dry Oil Tan Body

€ 39,50
In Stock Free shipping € 39,50 / 100 ml
Size 100 ml


Gives a natural golden glow that lasts for days.

Light, translucent, can be sprayed like water, dries in seconds .. and it is a luxurious oil. With active anti-pollutant substances, it strengthens the resistance of the skin and protects it against environmental influences. Coconut Dry Oil Tan is rich in vitamin E and has nourishing, regenerating and hydrating properties for the skin.

Without greasy residues and quick-drying, the oil gradually builds up a tan while protecting the skin and causing damage repaired as a result of pollution. Antioxidants neutralize aggressive free radicals and forms a protective barrier between the skin and the environment.

"This Oil is my most innovative product yet. It surprises with its transformation. When applied to the skin, it is a swmooth, luxurious oil that dries like water within a few seconds."- James Read

• Deep moisturizing effect due to coconut oil and vitamin E.

• Vitamin E protects against environmental pollutants and aggressive environmental conditions.

• The very pleasant, non-greasy, fast-absorbing dry oil develops a wonderfully natural tan unique charisma.

• Luxurious coconut scent.

• Tan lasts up to 5 days.

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