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Ultra Precision Hautzange

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Innovative cuticle nippers with a high-quality PVD titanium nitride coating

The Tweezerman Studio Collection presents the award-winning slanted slant tweezers and the famous cuticle nippers (sold separately) in the new Ultra Precision series. The highly durable and attractive PVD titanium nitride coating (TiN or TNT GOLD) is a continuous advancement in manicure product coating and improves surface properties and corrosion resistance.

- The protective coating on the Slant Tweezers and Cuticle Nippers extends the life of the beauty tools.

- Exceptionally corrosion resistant and durable .

- The coating reduces friction and extends the life of the instrument. Optimised cutting ergonomics ensure smooth, high-precision use of the cutting edges.

- The TiN-coated Slant Tweezers and Cuticle Nippers both feature Tweezerman's perfectly parallel, hand-ground precision tips. Translated with (free version)

The stainless steel instrument is coated with a titanium finish.

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