Niche Beauty

Inside the Studio


Spring/Summer 2021

by Anna Leena Manz



 Feelings, nothing more than feelings…

We can’t remember a time that has been so intensely
packed with feelings than the recent months.


My goodness – one year full of uncertainty, anger, fear, sadness, loneliness,

but also excitement, togetherness, compassion, quietness and even joy.

When we sat down for our first editorial meeting for this seasons edition

of NICHE we were not sure what we would be feeling today —

from extreme happiness, over hope to complete

devastation – everything was possible. Feelings. And here we

are today: some of us frustrated with politics and overwhelmed

with feeling powerless and others relieved, free and immune against

the pandemic. Whatever you feel right now we hope to bring you

what every summer should bring – easy beauty, for everyone.

With a few simple tricks from our team of experts you will find the

perfect sunshine helpers that will reveal your best and most bright side.

Naturally and easy. And if we have learned one thing from this

year, then that perfection is not the key to being beautiful.

A guide to confidence, self love, and a few little helpers for a soft

glow, subtle waves and good sleep are all included on the

next pages or can be shopped online.

So no matter what you feel this summer – we promise you will

look stunning when you start to conquer the world again – now or very soon.

Stay healthy and happy.

Laetitia and Sarah



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