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Niche Beauty

Tracie Martyn


Tracie Martyn, facialist to the stars and skin care guru, introduces her line of luxury skin care that is built on her philosophy of “Absolute Purity, Visible Results,” which combines pure, high-quality, natural and organic ingredients and advanced technology to deliver immediate and long-lasting benefits without invasive procedures or harsh chemicals. Tracie Martyn products set a new standard for natural skin care by effectively addressing skin concerns, showing immediate and long-term benefits, and simultaneously being 100% free of industrial chemicals found in the majority of cosmetic brands. Tracie, who began her career as a high-fashion makeup artist, has spent years working with her partner, Marius Morariu, nutritionist and researcher, to develop the most effective, pure, and natural luxury skin care available. With breakthrough Western technology and the traditional wisdom from all over the world, Tracie has created a holistic approach to beauty that means no more compromising safety for results and vice versa. Her products, made with only the highest quality natural ingredients and pure essential oils, will help you achieve youthful, healthy, glowing skin without the use of invasive procedures or harsh products. 

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