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diptyque – the legendary perfume and candle manufacturer from France.

The history of diptyque began in Paris, at number 34, Boulevard Saint Germain. It was there that three friends assembled to combine their shared passion for creative craftsmanship: their names were Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant. In 1961 the trio decided to open a shop in which to present their textile creations. Gradually this business became a real treasure trove for all those in Paris seeking unusual and exquisite objects. After all, the three founders had assembled quite a collection on their travels. Since 1963 they have been dedicating their passion to perfume. The process began with scented candles, but in 1968 they were already producing their first eau de toilette: L’Eau. The inspiration for the name diptyque (diptych) came from the two shop windows, which were positioned to the left and right of the front door when the shop was designed.
*Please note that all diptyque products can only be shipped within Germany or to Austria.*


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