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Niche Beauty

By Terry

Pinceau Mousse Perfection Teint

€ 30,50
In Stock Free shipping € 30,50 / 1 piece
Size 1 piece


Sculpt & Blend.

Destined to both sculpt and blend, the azimuth design of the Pinceau Mousse makes it an all-terrain brush. It enhances the finish of all foundations by defining, contouring and highlighting each angle in a professional and discreet manner. The secret: its crafty sponge texture. Beveled, rounded, then pointed, the sponge consists of a compact cellular structure that is washable and latex-free. Whether dry or wet, Pinceau Mousse ensures that the foundation is applied in a light and harmonious way to blend perfectly. The rounded aspect lays the foundation onto the skin, the slope sculpts the forms of the face, and the tip corrects lines.

Apply in a gentle dabbing motion for a natural, seamless finish.

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