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Hair Perfume Bal d'Afrique

€ 52,00
In Stock Free shipping € 69,33 / 100 ml
Size 75 ml


Fragrance your hair with hair perfume while protecting your fibres.

The Hair Perfume collection is made of a very unique formula, using a magnifying complex for the hair. Thanks to the association of polymer molecules, a protection film is created around the fiber to soften and magnify the hair whilst divinely scenting them. The hair is not greasy nor dry.

The Hair Perfume ritual is a new perfuming gesture to truly beautify the hair. Its application is generous, natural and simple through its subtle scented mist. The hair is beautifully perfumed with notes of the chosen scent, the fragrance stays for hours. Hair is silky, soft, truly magnified.

Spray your BYREDO Hair Perfume homogenously, generously and dramatically around your head, approximately 30cm away (3 to 4 sprays total). Finish by spraying the ends of your hair (1 spray on each side). The BYREDO Hair Perfume can also be sprayed on fabrics and won’t leave stain on your clothes (scarf, t-shirt, dress or lingerie).

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