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Niche Beauty


Hand Scrub Tulipmania

€ 45,00
In Stock Free shipping € 45,00 / 100 ml
Size 100 ml


Hand peeling with notes of tulips.

Byredo's hand peelings are made of oil-based salt, which makes the skin soft and supple when used on dry hands. Tulipmania's fragrance is all about tulips. It is one of the first flowers of the year and reminds of morning dew in the garden, freshness and clarity. “I have always loved tulips, so I decided to create a fragrance that tells of the complexity of this flower. I wanted to capture its shy character and combine it with the strong expression of its appearance. I find the tulip very fascinating because its smell cannot be extracted by distillation. So we combined natural ingredients from different parts of the tulip with other flowers to express our vision with this fragrance”, Ben Gorham.

Head notes: Rhubarb, cyclamen, freesia.
Heart notes: Tulip.
Base notes: light woods, vetiver.

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