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34, Blvd. St Germain

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Fragrance tribute to the diptyque Boutique at Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, Eau de Toilette.




Baies Mini Candle 35 g with every diptyque order from € 60

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*This Beauty Deal will automatically be added to your order if shown conditions are met

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To mark the 50th anniversary of its founding, diptyque decided to create a signature product line that captured the very quintessence of the brand. diptyque’s unique style springs from a place steeped in real soul, the soul that gave birth to the House. This legendary place is an address: Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris. Thus, the name of this signature line rang true as the obvious choice: 34 Boulevard Saint Germain. diptyque had the idea of capturing the smell of the brand’s first shop, a rare and precious scent , so as to give everyone the chance to experience a small portion of this place, its history, giving center stage to the House’s favorite raw materials found in existing creations.

Fragrance family: woody, floral, green.

The diptyque hour glass diffuser is designed to spread its fragrance slowly and gently. It gives the surrounding air a subtle, signature fragrance. Perfect for scenting small spaces of less than 20m², it can also create a light, fragrant ambiance in larger spaces. The perfume spreads across a 3-to-4-meter perimeter around the object.

For optimal fragrance diffusion, it is best to place the hour glass diffuser near an open area in the room that provides air circulation (radiator, window, fireplace...).

Screw the glass bottle tightly together with the diffuser system to seal the object hermetically. Once a cycle is started, the hourglass can not be moved or turned again. Only after 1 hour the diffusion cycle has ended and the essence has completely dripped into the lower part of the glass, the hour glass can be turned over again after another quarter hour, thus initiating a new diffusion cycle.

When using for the first time, turn it over two or three times in successions as to fully impregnate the porous material that allows the perfume to spread.

If the hourglass diffuser has remained unused for a long period of time, you may need to turn it over two or three times in succession to activate the fragrance diffusion.

The diffusor is a permanent object, which can be used for about three months until the essence is completely evaporated. With the same scent its possible to refill the diffuser.

You can then refill it once with the same fragrance, using the perfume refills.

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